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Tin Trumpet Interpreters




About Us


We are Bob and Greta, the Tin Trumpet Interpreters.  We are currently amateur historians, volunteering for several different National Park Service locations, and enjoying sharing our love of history with visitors we meet and staff we work alongside.  

The main purpose of this site is to share more information and stories, since so many visitors we meet ask where they can learn more.  Our long-term goal is to put it all in a SMALL book, this is a work in progress and we will appreciate suggestions along the way!


See us in action

We appear most often at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial near Lincoln City, Indiana,
at Blackacre Nature Conservancy in Louisville, Kentucky, 
and at Camp Nelson National Monument near Nicholasville, Kentucky. 

Keep your eyes out for us in an upcoming documentary titled
The Harrodsburg Legacy: 250 years in the Making”!

At the current time we don't have regular schedules for appearances,
we just try to show up when we can do the most good.  


Latest posts

Our blog will begin with information about early Kentucky settlement, the backdrop for the Lincoln family.  Stay tuned!

Contact us at: Tin Trumpet Interpreters on Facebook